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Feeling Good : Eating Right to feel Energised

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

How enthusiastic and consistently vital do you feel when you go about each day?

Our cellular energy metabolism is assisted by antioxidants. So if you’re feeling sluggish our first suggestion is to go big on colourful fresh produce. (No secret why our meals are always so colourful). Each different shade of a fruit, vegetable, grain, pulse, nut, seed, bean etc indicates a new type of antioxidant as they are those same colourful pigments.

The other side to this is the impact of oxidative stress on energy levels. If your body is under more duress because you live in an environment with plenty of traffic, with too many options of unhealthy foods, have more than crazy levels of stress in your lives, grab a plastic water bottle on the run here & there, have taken an ibuprofen for a headache a few times, use non-natural cosmetics…all of these cumulatively require more antioxidants to neutralise their potentially negative effects. If they aren’t and oxidation increases then we start to feel sluggish, lacking concentration & mentally foggy as a result. It is pertinent to be self aware and take note of these as they are the things we all do. So, what we can do is to use the self awareness and choose to make sure that we don’t ever leave our bodies in a position where they don’t have enough support to go around.

Pick 1 or 2 things that you can control and kickstart it, especially in choosing what you eat. When we eat right, we can actually feel more energised.


At Journey to Glow, we support you in kickstarting your journey of nourishing your bodies with natural food that not only is healthier but also boosts more energy. Choose between our Journey to Glow Programs and experience the transformation.

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