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Feeling Good : Eating Right for Good Skin

Realising that skin issues can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing is the starting point. Learning how to listen to our skin and paying attention to its issues can help us to improve our health.

Our skin is a wonderfully multifaceted thing; it is a primary detoxification organ, it holds our body together, and it also forms a fundamental part of our personality.

It is our mission to bring awareness to more people that it is possible to address skin health through our diets.

The first thing is to understand why our systems are choosing to use our skin as our metabolic waste outflow, as primarily we should excrete those things through our digestive tract as faeces and through our kidneys as urine.

Always be adequately hydrated

Having 1.5. to 2 litres of pure water per day as a basic starting point will help to flush things through your system properly, and appropriate hydration is also key for many other body functions too. So, fill a bottle or jug and get sipping!

Don't take shit for granted

The ability to remove waste effectively is key. It is also for us to understand we can do more to try to support waste removal as it can really benefit us. Our favourite strategy for this are bitter and fermented foods. Anything that makes you salivate will trigger the rest of your digestive process to occur more effectively & what we are targeting here is your liver function. Options like raw cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, fresh herbs, beetroot, watercress and spices are all delicious inclusions into our diets, and making them more regular features can then have that secondary therapeutic action. Turn the herbs into fresh pestos, make beetroot and walnut dips.

Fermented foods will contribute to the bitter side of things too, but they have another specific role here and that is to do with their naturally probiotic power. Our gut bacteria control a lot of what goes on in our colon & improving their diversity will always positively impact our outward appearance as well as our inner functioning.


At Journey to Glow, we support you in kickstarting your journey of feeling good and taking cues from your skin issues and that it is purely crying out for help. Feel empowered that you can eat better through better hydration and removal of waste from your bodies to feel better.

Look at why we believe that food can change the way we feel. Choose between our Journey to Glow Programs and experience the transformation.

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